Stephen Berry, Watercolorist

Exhibition: October 12th through December 31st.

Meet the artist at the gallery for the opening reception:

Friday, Nov. 1st,  5:00 – 7:00 pm

117 East F St., Benicia, CA

Painting demonstration at the gallery:

November 16th,  11:30 am – 1:30 pm

117 East F St., Benicia, CA


Meet the artists at the gallery:

Thursday, TBD, 5:00 – 10:00 pm

117 East F St., Benicia, CA

Stephen Berry - Watercolorist

Artist’s Statement

Paying attention and being whole-heartedly engaged in what you are doing is a simple, undervalued pleasure, and painting is a tool which encourages me to do so.  That’s why I began to paint and it’s why I continue to do so.  

I like the joy and focus I find while painting.  I like playing with water and seeing what it does.  I like the challenge of control, and the freedom that comes from letting go and teaming up with an elemental process.  Little discoveries happen along the way, and you must decide how you’ll respond.  It’s a relationship and a dance. 

Each painting is an homage- to a moment, a feeling, a place.  I want to gather up that feeling and, like amber, hold it in the body of the painting, so it can be alive in your mind as you view it.  That’s what the paintings are… a record of a moment in time, a real place, a real sense of awe.



Stephen Berry likes playing with water, gravity, and pigment.  He paints in a loose, expressive manner that approaches realism, but stops short so you can fill in the gaps yourself.  Currently based out of Vallejo, CA, Stephen makes his day to day living as a landscape designer.  He was born and raised in Northern California, and has a deep love for the cool woodlands, tawny slopes, and stark, bold shorelines this area has to offer. 

You can learn out more about his art at his blog,, or find him on Instagram @stephenadamberry.


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117 East F St
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